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Break Your Routine

Do just one thing outside your routine.   Wear the purple pants, get a henna tattoo, start your will see yourself from a whole new angle, and experience new outcomes in the world around what unfolds!


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Show of hands: Who can’t wait for their next crisis? That’s right. NO ONE. Nobody likes Life’s interruptions: a spouse loses a job, and there’s a sudden financial crisis; or the AC just went out in the middle of a hot summer day, the tech can’t come for a week and the repair costs will be astronomical. These events are beyond minor hiccups; yet, we can’t move forward until we address the situation. 

Disruption comes to us today as a reminder that life is interwoven with inconvenient, irritating, sometimes devastating occurrences. Not to make us miserable, but to let us know that when Life throws its curve balls at us, we need to take steps to get back on course; if we don’t, we are stagnant, we don’t handle it and things simply get worse. 

Storms and chaos are Life’s way of getting us to renovate, improve, clean house, and let go of the old and broken, to bring in something better. When you’ve fixed your foundation, give yourself a round of applause and big kudos for handling those curve balls. You've got all that you need within you to handle whatever comes your way....remember, you're amazing at this!

Channel Your Inner Crayon 

If you’re just a tiny bit creative, I know you get an idea every so often. Maybe you come up with catchy tunes in your head, or you visualize a beautiful painting; or, maybe you have a real knack for decorating a room on a shoestring budget. But when it comes down to bringing your ideas into form...that can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start. 

When I don't know how I want to start a project or something creative for the first time, I often back away from it by going for a walk, or by meditating in my closet (yes, that is where I meditate).  I can clear my head for a little bit, and in that time, I monitor the inspiration that comes through from what I pick up with my senses.  The Universe communicates through symbols and pictures, so that is where all the information is!  I pay attention to any visions, sounds, or smells that come through, as these are the signs, hints and signals being pitched directly to me.  

When I come back to my project, I have plenty of inspiration and ideas re-loaded into my subconscious, waiting to be brought into the physical realm.  I would love to hear how this works for you - Remember, the World needs your creativity, talents and fabulous ideas!

What Makes You Really Happy? 

I had a roommate many years ago who had expensive tastes. For her, the price tag determined the value of the item, rather than the item itself, and she believed that status symbols were a priority. I was never jealous about this, because she had to work two jobs to continuously acquire her "stuff." Eventually, she was giving her things away once they no longer brought her satisfaction. These things didn't bring her happiness at all; yet, she continued to search for a more expensive purse, a more expensive car - and it became an elusive, material hunt. 

All that Glitters wants you to remember to see beyond the exterior of things and people, and to pay attention if you are being seduced into believing that beauty equals Goodness and Truth. Expensive paint jobs and repairs can easily cover a lot of deceit; once the sparkle and shine has worn off, you will eventually see the true heart, the true nature of the House. You may find Goodness and Truth; or you may be staring at an empty, cracked building, unable to hold anything of value. 

The idea that a bigger house, a more expensive car, or a prestigious job will bring happiness, is an idea made from smoke and mirrors. When the glitter fades, would you still be happy and content on the inside?

Ego vs Observer 

I had posted something on my own page in Facebook, that triggered one of longtime my “friends,” a person who had never once showed interest in previous posts, but was now on a fierce attack against me over my opinion. As much as I tried to have a civil dialogue with her to reach an understanding, and to clear up assumptions, we have parted ways. That’s okay – she was not willing to see outside the peripherals of her own beliefs, and I couldn’t make her. I felt badly for awhile, and wondered if I had been accountable enough. But then I had to be careful not to wander into Guilt Trip Land about this, so I let it go, and wished her the best. 

Fast forward a few hours later, and I was in a new restaurant with my husband. I just sensed that so much was off there: dinner orders were being taken to the wrong tables, dishes were being dropped in the kitchen, customers were impatiently asking for water, and even we were given someone else’s appetizer (don’t worry, I didn’t eat someone else’s coconut shrimp, but I wanted to!) I simply observed and enjoyed the scenery around me taking place. The dinner was delicious, and of course, my husband was the perfect date. 
I don’t know if there is anything to decipher from this, or, rather to witness, and choose the best response, and act with grace and love. 

One thing I do remember today, that stood out, and that was a license plate that was in front of me as I drove home: TRSTF8 (Trust Fate). I think sometimes these are Life’s vignettes – nothing major to try to figure out, but everyday experiences to be aware of, and to put into our Life Portfolios. 

So of course, I asked Spirit, “Is there anything I can learn from this today?” And Spirit answered. 

From the Enchanted Map, #14, Ride the Wave – my path is effortless, and I only need to go with the flow now, in spite of what I might perceive as obstacles, or strange occurrences; these are just random blips that show up on my radar, but don’t have lasting effects on far-reaching visions and goals. I handle these disruptions gracefully, and continue to focus on my dreams and desires. Spirit still has many people to introduce me to and places for me to go, that are in alignment with my highest good!

Whenever the energies are mixed, on any given day, it is best to go with the flow, and to honor the Observer.  This keeps us from engaging in anything that is too sensitive to our Ego's, and honestly, doesn't have anything to do with us anyway.  Don Miguel Ruiz' Four Agreements sum it up best:  Be impeccable with your word. Don't take anything personally. Don't make assumptions. Always do your best.  

Honor Your Rhythm! 

Something deep down is sending you a rhythmic message, to go ahead and do that thing that means a lot to you - the thing that you know will really drive you, and give you a sense of purpose every day. 

What is it? Will you start that new business you've been thinking about for years? Will you enroll in some classes that might lead you to that degree you've been wanting, or a new skill that will elevate you? This is the thing that only you know, that will connect your Heart and Soul to the Universe, where Source will say to you "I wondered when you were going to get started on that - that's what you said you wanted to come here for." 

The Drum appears to us today to remind us to keep a steady beat on the meaningful rhythms of our Soul's mission. It's easy to suddenly stop hearing the pulse of what we were once passionate about a long time ago, when we allowed other priorities to drown it out. Don’t stop hearing it. 

Like a good song, part of it's driving force is the steady beat of the drum track, one that is strong and motivating, with interesting fills. Remember what your drum track is about and don't let it become silent in the mix of Life's responsibilities - they will always be there....but it's up to you to keep the drive behind your drums.

Many Paths 

Do we work to live, or do we live for our work? Are we following our dreams, or following the herd? Its true, that many of us find ourselves on a path that isn't exactly as we pictured it in our heads. We land in a job or a role that may pay well, offers good benefits and perks, but isn't very satisfying for our soul. But we can find a way to steer ourselves onto a path that does feed our passions, a path that takes us back to our Heart Journey. 

The invitation of Many Paths reminds us not to abandon our journey, our reason for being sent here. We must not forget the unique contribution that we were asked to make during our incarnation here on Earth - it was part of the Soul contract that we agreed to. Do not allow the blah-ness of the everyday life numb you from remembering what your path was. What is your Heart Journey? What were you sent here to do?

(Oracle card(s) from Colette Baron-Reid's Mystical Shaman Oracle) 


The Divine Way 

Our world has advanced at such a dizzying pace, in technology, communications and how we acquire our information, (exhale here) that we forget to take a breather every now and then, and step back from the Race. While we are busy upgrading, downloading, and monitoring, it's really easy to lose our connection with Source and with our inner guidance system. 

Take a break from the concrete world of hard angles and sharp edges, so that you can refresh and regain clarity on your true purpose in this lifetime. 

You are deserving of a timeout to go into nature, to unplug, and to reaffirm your intentions and desires in life. A simple walk in a nearby park, or just puttering around the yard, will help open up the channels between you and Source; this is where you will intuit and hear your instructions for your own vision quest! 

Today, watch a little less TV, turn the smart phone off, log off the computer...and tune in to the outside world! 

(Oracle card(s) from Colette Baron-Reid's The Mystical Shaman Oracle) 



What do we think of when someone asks for donations?  We automatically think in terms of money or material goods as a way to help a cause.  Its true that money and things given away are often seen as the obvious response to someone in need, at the practical level.  But there are so many other ways to give of ourselves that are even more valuable in the long run. 

The Giveaway invites us to take inventory of what we can part with, with a full heart, and without expectations:  our time, our knowledge, or just being there to help each other in the everyday life.  Giving without expecting something back, makes room in our lives and hearts for more to come our way, for our highest good; and that's when we realize how good life really is to us.  What do you count as giveaways? 

(Oracle card(s) from Colette Baron-Reid's Mystical Shaman Oracle)

Loyalty - Who is deserving of it? 

Who are you loyal and devoted to?  Who is loyal and devoted to you?  Why?   

It's a good conversation to have with ourselves, to examine what we give of ourselves to others, and what we expect in return.  Does our loyalty serve our highest good?  And, is someone else's loyalty to us sincere, or does it come with conditions? (yes, lots of questions on this!) 

No matter what the nature of loyalty in our lives, there is a give and take with this. When we are faithful to our pursuits in life and to the people we want along for the ride, that loyalty will be reciprocated.   

We can make a conscientious choice at any time to change the nature of that loyalty, for whatever reason (a relationship that has gone in different directions, projects that didn't work out, jobs that are no longer a good fit).   

But Source will never abandon us, or leave us hanging, so long as we trust that we are always divinely directed, and protected.