What do we think of when someone asks for donations?  We automatically think in terms of money or material goods as a way to help a cause.  Its true that money and things given away are often seen as the obvious response to someone in need, at the practical level.  But there are so many other ways to give of ourselves that are even more valuable in the long run. 

The Giveaway invites us to take inventory of what we can part with, with a full heart, and without expectations:  our time, our knowledge, or just being there to help each other in the everyday life.  Giving without expecting something back, makes room in our lives and hearts for more to come our way, for our highest good; and that's when we realize how good life really is to us.  What do you count as giveaways? 

(Oracle card(s) from Colette Baron-Reid's Mystical Shaman Oracle)