Here. I Am.

Three words that we normally see as "Here, I am" which usually signal our arrival to a place, a meeting, etc., but can have a very different meaning when spoken like this:  "Here.  I Am."  This is much more powerful.  It says, "In this place, in this very moment, I am Me - I Am."  This suddenly focuses on the Self, in the present moment, with no regard to the immediate environment or circumstances. 

In general, our society tends to run on auto-pilot, following mundane patterns to get us from one moment to the next, with little thought or feeling as to how we are performing our tasks.  Oddly enough, while we are scrambling around in the morning to get ready for work, sitting in traffic while running errands, or just doing the dishes after dinner, we aren't really focused on that action; we aren't present.  Our minds are usually in the ghost lands of some past memory, or, clinging to an anxious thought in the future, that has yet to even get here. 

When we aren't engaged in the present, we are robbing ourselves of accepting that moment, that the Universe is handing to us as a gift.  All our present moments are collective experiences on our Soul's journey.  This is how we grow and expand; how we continue towards our purpose.  When we look ignore these seemingly innocent little gems, (washing the dishes by hand because the dishwasher broke, taking a different route to work due to a construction detour) we are missing opportunities to slow down, and be present.  Be Here.....I will be!