Honor Your Rhythm!

Something deep down is sending you a rhythmic message, to go ahead and do that thing that means a lot to you - the thing that you know will really drive you, and give you a sense of purpose every day. 

What is it? Will you start that new business you've been thinking about for years? Will you enroll in some classes that might lead you to that degree you've been wanting, or a new skill that will elevate you? This is the thing that only you know, that will connect your Heart and Soul to the Universe, where Source will say to you "I wondered when you were going to get started on that - that's what you said you wanted to come here for." 

The Drum appears to us today to remind us to keep a steady beat on the meaningful rhythms of our Soul's mission. It's easy to suddenly stop hearing the pulse of what we were once passionate about a long time ago, when we allowed other priorities to drown it out. Don’t stop hearing it. 

Like a good song, part of it's driving force is the steady beat of the drum track, one that is strong and motivating, with interesting fills. Remember what your drum track is about and don't let it become silent in the mix of Life's responsibilities - they will always be there....but it's up to you to keep the drive behind your drums.