Loyalty - Who is deserving of it?

Who are you loyal and devoted to?  Who is loyal and devoted to you?  Why?   

It's a good conversation to have with ourselves, to examine what we give of ourselves to others, and what we expect in return.  Does our loyalty serve our highest good?  And, is someone else's loyalty to us sincere, or does it come with conditions? (yes, lots of questions on this!) 

No matter what the nature of loyalty in our lives, there is a give and take with this. When we are faithful to our pursuits in life and to the people we want along for the ride, that loyalty will be reciprocated.   

We can make a conscientious choice at any time to change the nature of that loyalty, for whatever reason (a relationship that has gone in different directions, projects that didn't work out, jobs that are no longer a good fit).   

But Source will never abandon us, or leave us hanging, so long as we trust that we are always divinely directed, and protected.