Many Paths

Do we work to live, or do we live for our work? Are we following our dreams, or following the herd? Its true, that many of us find ourselves on a path that isn't exactly as we pictured it in our heads. We land in a job or a role that may pay well, offers good benefits and perks, but isn't very satisfying for our soul. But we can find a way to steer ourselves onto a path that does feed our passions, a path that takes us back to our Heart Journey. 

The invitation of Many Paths reminds us not to abandon our journey, our reason for being sent here. We must not forget the unique contribution that we were asked to make during our incarnation here on Earth - it was part of the Soul contract that we agreed to. Do not allow the blah-ness of the everyday life numb you from remembering what your path was. What is your Heart Journey? What were you sent here to do?

(Oracle card(s) from Colette Baron-Reid's Mystical Shaman Oracle)