New Moon


The New Moon reaches full darkness on 03/17/2018, at 13:12 UTC. 

The New Moon....aka the Dark Moon. It doesn't get as much attention as the Full Moon, but it is just as powerful. During the New Moon phase, this is the time to set your intentions, go within, and harness those energies that are yours alone, to direct, and re-direct towards your Highest Good. 

Many people love rituals, the ceremonies, as they help to reinforce beliefs, behaviors and values. Often times, they've been raised in, or exposed to a religious environment that supported the use of rituals, to mark the significance of events or occasions. 

There are many rituals out there, about the New Moon; some are commonly used, and others are completely customized. That's the great thing about creating or following one: you can add to it, or take away from it, to make it your own. What matters most is the intention behind it. 

Below are some widely used aspects of the New Moon ritual, laid out very simply: 

1) Name Those Intentions - Think about what your intentions are, and write them down. You can use your best writing paper, and a fancy writing pen; or a regular notebook and pencil. The level of fancy-ness is up to you! Writing by hand is important, because it engages your mind to think about what your intentions are. Your thoughts carry so much power. Be specific. But keep in mind that if you are making out a Christmas Wish List, be ready to accept what comes back to you. Not sure what to say? Here’s a statement from a favorite author and psychic medium, James Van Praagh, with a little added wording to the end: “Healthy am I; Happy am I; Holy am I; And so it is, as I set forth my intention(s) to _________” 

2) Create Your Space - This could be wherever you want, but ideally, outdoors, since you want to capture the essence of the New Moon. The desert or the beach are ideal spots, but not always accessible. So, your back yard or patio will do just as well. You can do a lot of things to create the ambience: add an inexpensive fire pit, outdoor lanterns or candles; even solar lights are beautiful. Have something comfortable to sit on, such as large pillows or an inexpensive patio chair. 

3) Clear That Energy - This is traditionally done with a sage wand or sage bundle, which is lit on one end, then blown out until it begins to “smoke.” The smoke is what cleanses the space, clearing out any negative or heavy energies. If sage is not your favorite, you can use Palo Santo sticks (my favorite), or you can make a clearing spray with Witch Hazel, Himalayan salt and a good, clearing essential oil such as rose or lavender (this is a great alternative to those who are allergic to smoke, or just don't like the smell). Mix to your preference, and pour into a regular spray bottle. If you choose to burn sage or Palo Santo, make sure to have a bowl of water or a non-flammable container handy. You can say a simple prayer, like " Divine Spirit, I ask that you cleanse this space of all negative energies, to allow room for love, light and positive energies only; and so it is." 

4) Stuff To Bring - Many people like to bring crystals, feathers, shells, or other meaningful objects, to help them focus the energies of their intentions; this is entirely optional - some people like to keep it simple, and not bring anything, to avoid the distraction of material items in their energy field. You can opt for special foods or beverages, to consume before or after, which may make your ceremony a little more special. IE: Moon Pies with Almond doesn’t have to be deadly serious-have fun and be creative! 

5) Who To Invite - This can be something you share with many people, a small handful of friends, or just yourself. The advantages to making it a group event, is that you might find it engaging and inspiring to share some of your intentions. Most likely when you speak your intentions, you’re on the hook to carry them out! Having witnesses to share with, is empowering! Once you have shared (or not) your intentions, you can keep your hand-written thoughts in a special jar, or a decorated box. What’s important is that you don’t keep going back to review your intentions-you’ve told God, the Universe, etc. Now, Source needs a chance to help you with your requests...but, action is required from you, too. This is the powerful act of Co-Creating. Source works best, when you plug into it, and take steps towards your intentions. 

6) Follow Up In Two Weeks and Six Months - Two weeks after the New Moon ceremony, we have the Full Moon. The Full Moon will reveal what has been hidden, allowing you to confront it and release it. Six months after a given New Moon, take a look at the Full Moon at that time, and see what Astrological sign we’ll be in. That is the energy you’ll want to work with, regarding your intentions, six months from now. So, have your journal handy, and write down your thoughts and observations daily. What actions are you taking towards realizing your intentions? How does the Universe respond? Be patient, attentive, and most of all...surrender, and be open-minded. You’ll be amazed at what is created, and by what is delivered - on your behalf!