The Divine Way

Our world has advanced at such a dizzying pace, in technology, communications and how we acquire our information, (exhale here) that we forget to take a breather every now and then, and step back from the Race. While we are busy upgrading, downloading, and monitoring, it's really easy to lose our connection with Source and with our inner guidance system. 

Take a break from the concrete world of hard angles and sharp edges, so that you can refresh and regain clarity on your true purpose in this lifetime. 

You are deserving of a timeout to go into nature, to unplug, and to reaffirm your intentions and desires in life. A simple walk in a nearby park, or just puttering around the yard, will help open up the channels between you and Source; this is where you will intuit and hear your instructions for your own vision quest! 

Today, watch a little less TV, turn the smart phone off, log off the computer...and tune in to the outside world! 

(Oracle card(s) from Colette Baron-Reid's The Mystical Shaman Oracle)